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Real-time location data and package updates

Intuitive maps with easy-to-read visualizations

Automatic notifications for your OPO and transplant programs

Accurate, reliable tracking at your fingertips

OPOs across the country are using the UNOS Organ Tracking Service (OTS) to oversee organ shipments in real-time. The UNOS OTS integrates with TransNetSM and DonorNet MobileSM, which means your OPO and the transplant programs you serve can use the OTS within your existing workflows and tools.

With the UNOS OTS, organ packages are equipped with GPS and IoT-enabled tracking devices. Pinging once every two minutes, you will always have visibility into your package’s progress. Your devices share location data and update ETAs in real time. Interactive maps display a bird’s eye view of all your organ packages in transit, and when you need more information, further details for each shipment are available with a single click.

Instant, automatic notifications keep your OPO and transplant programs informed about:

Organ Tracking device
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When the organ is in transit.

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When the organ arrives at any point of interest.

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If a flight has taken off and the organ is still at the airport.

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When the organ has been delivered.

Why choose the UNOS Organ Tracking Service?

  • The UNOS OTS fully integrates with your existing tools and systems.
  • Devices are easy to use and easy to maintain for repeated use.
  • There is no one more trustworthy, experienced and invested in the your success than UNOS.

Learn how the UNOS OTS can enhance your operations.

Contact Casey Humphries, UNOS Solutions Logistics Lead

Organ tracking resources for our OPO partners

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