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Solutions for OPOs

UNOS research and data analytics for OPOs

Understand practices
Improve performance
Increase utilization

UNOS data analytics

Performance improvement data tools

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Benchmark against other OPOs

OPO Benchmark Report

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Insights to increase organ utilization 

Organ Utilization Tool

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Know organs are safely on their way to transplant

Organ Tracking Service

Access the data you need with UNOS tools

Our research experts have developed a suite of data and research analytic services to provide you the most accurate data you need for making decisions, improving patient outcomes, meeting regulatory requirements, and having successful quality assurance and performance improvement initiatives.

Read how UNOS data and business intelligence leader Neelam Singh is continually improving data tools.

Neelam Singh, UNOS

Benchmark Report

Understand. Compare. Improve.

Learn how you compare with other organ procurement organizations

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UNOS OPO Benchmark Report

Quarterly report

Where do I find it?Accessible to all OPOs in the UNOS Data Files section of the Data Services Portal.

Understand your performance

UNOS provides all OPOs with a standard quarterly Benchmark Report to provide you insights into your OPOs organ offers as well as your donor and candidate populations.

Compare and improve

This report’s data visualizations help you compare your OPO’s activity, performance, and characteristics to OPOs with similar characteristics or in the same region, and to national trends.

organ utilization tool

Increase organ utilization

Get insight into declined organ offers

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View of UNOS Organ Utilization Tool (OUT) for OPOs
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Organ Utilization Tool (OUT)

Updated monthly

Increase utilization of the organs you recover. Use these monthly Tableau workbooks to help facilitate conversations with customized groups of transplant hospitals who turned down organs that were transplanted elsewhere.

This tool allows you to:

  • View recipient characteristics and outcomes including graft and patient status and survival rates at six months and one year
  • Use filters to review specific types of organs (DCD, HCV-positive, etc.) with selected transplant programs

Big picture

Displays the most recent 24 months of data on the offers your OPO made to select transplant hospitals.


Get insight into organ movement, timing of responses and the use of provisional yes at each program. Read more.


Peace of mind

Know donated organs are safely on their way to transplant

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UNOS Organ Tracking Service

Scalable for your volume and budget

Learn more

Easy to use

  • GEGO global tracking devices attach to organ packages
  • Integrates with TransNetSM
  • Partnership with FlightAware means that flight information is included
  • Seamless integration with DonorNet® and DonorNet MobileSM 
Organ Tracking device

UNOS custom solutions

Innovation for your data needs

Have a research or data need not covered by these tools? UNOS research experts can consult with you to solve for your unique need.

Custom registries and databases

Insights on patient population trends or improved outcome measures. Learn more.

Technology consulting

Statistical modeling and research experts for domestic or international development of optimal solutions.

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