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Lung CAS summary updated

Lung CAS summary updated

Beginning Wednesday, September 28, 2022, lung transplant programs will be able to access a program-specific resource report in the Data Services Portal within the OPTN Computer System. This report provides candidate-level information indicating the portion of their lung composite allocation score (CAS) that is not dependent on a donor match, as well as the weighting of factors used in that calculation. The report will be periodically updated to provide your program an understanding of how your candidates will be scored in the lung allocation system based on continuous distribution, which will take effect in early 2023. A related educational offering, SYS 183-Using the Lung CAS Report, available in UNOS Connect, addresses how to access and use the report.

The Lung CAS Report only shows scores for candidates registered at your transplant program. Below is additional information for lung transplant program physicians, surgeons, transplant coordinators, program directors and data coordinators on the distribution of scores for all lung candidates registered in the U.S.. It is intended as a point-in-time reference to help transplant programs understand how their candidates’ scores compare to the national distribution of components of the lung CAS.

While the CAS will not be in effect until the policy is implemented, the following tables reflect calculated CAS values for all lung and heart-lung transplant candidates listed as of the date shown.

Summary of CAS attribute points based on lung and heart-lung registrations on 11/28/22:

Lung continuous distribution

Prepare for the changes coming first quarter of 2023 with training in UNOS Connect. View the OPTN toolkit for FAQ's and resources.
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