Matching organs. Saving lives.

Mission, vision and values


Our mission is to advance organ availability and transplantation by uniting and supporting our communities for the benefit of patients through education, technology and policy development.


Our values guide our behaviors as we pursue our mission and strategic goals:


We act on behalf of those we serve to manage the resources and gifts entrusted to us, especially the gift of life.


We work collaboratively and respectfully, guided by consensus-building, sharing responsibility, time, and abilities.


We demonstrate integrity and reliability through consistency, openness, and honesty.


We achieve high quality through measurement, evaluation, and continuous improvement of our standards, processes, and effectiveness.


We take ownership of our actions and fulfill our commitments to our stakeholders and each other.

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Our vision is to promote long, healthy and productive lives for persons with organ failure by promoting maximized organ supply, effective and safe care, and equitable organ allocation and access to transplantation.

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