UNOS Primer

What is UNOS Primer?

 Whether you are new to transplant or a seasoned transplant/OPO professional, UNOS Primer is a one of a kind opportunity to learn, in a small group setting, about effective practices, challenges and quality improvements through collaboration.

When: May 16 -17, 2022 and September 12-13, 2022

Where: UNOS Headquarters in Richmond, VA

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What will I learn at 2022 UNOS Primer?

Attendees will gain a strong understanding of UNOS and OPTN, policy development, implementation and compliance, organ allocation and effective practices for organ donation and transplantation. You will learn about UNetSM applications and reports and the site survey process while networking with UNOS staff and other transplant professionals in a small group environment.

 UNOS Primer will help you: 

  • Enhance your knowledge of UNOS and OPTN processes, policies and methodologies.
  • Apply policy, data, and peer review practices to improve program operations and compliance.
  • Participate in knowledge-sharing and open discussion in support of effective practices, challenges and quality improvements.
  • Build effective relationships with UNOS staff and other transplant professionals.




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What you can expect

Dawn Bitler, Site Surveyor, Member Quality, shares what you'll learn during her presentation

UNOS Primer sponsorship opportunities

Sponsors for the UNOS Primer engage an audience of active members of the transplant community. We welcome your partnership and gratefully acknowledge our Primer 2022 sponsors for their support.

If interested in sponsoring in one of the UNOS Primers in 2022, please contact Cecile Robinson.

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