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Action Agenda

Actions to strengthen the U.S. organ donation and transplant system

National Donor Memorial: Celebrating 20 years Read about the ceremony

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Increasing efficiency

Making it easier for transplant hospitals to say yes to an organ

doctor in conversation with patient

Predictive analytics

Powerful support for organ offer decision-making

transplant recipient, Mubo Ojo

Living it forward

Read stories that honor and celebrate the gift of life

UNOS welcomes reformed bidding process

We are committed to working with HRSA, Congress, the wider donation and transplantation community and other stakeholders to ensure the best possible system for patients, donors and their families

UNOS reimagines governance of U.S. transplant system to best serve patients

In move endorsed by Congress, UNOS submits plan to the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) that would establish a new governance structure for the OPTN in order to strengthen public trust, oversight and accountability

Ensuring the safe transportation of donated organs

Congressional action could allow organs transported via commercial flight to once again travel safely in a plane’s cabin

A message from UNOS CEO Maureen McBride, Ph.D.

Updates from TMF, HRSA’s Modernization Initiative and government outreach

Research in focus

Three recent studies from UNOS researchers examine offer acceptance practices and the impact of Offer Filters tool

UNOS welcomes competitive bidding process for next OPTN contract

We are committed to working with government partners and all who care about serving donors, patients and their families

Kidney waiting time modifications

New policy action means some Black kidney candidates will be eligible to receive additional waiting time. What will the board action mean for patients?

Optimizing our nation’s transplant system to save more lives

Right now


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This year

January - October 2023 as of 11/26/2023

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January - October 2023 as of 11/26/2023

January - October 2023 as of 11/26/2023

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