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Total Transplants January - December 2020 as of 01/14/2021

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Annual record trend continues for deceased organ donation, deceased donor transplants

Board of Directors election Jan. 13–27, 2021

Kidney and pancreas policy implementation postponed, current policies remain in effect.

UNOS launches new speaker series to raise awareness about organ transplant

Jerry McCauley, M.D.: The road to racial equity in kidney transplantation

We’re performing more transplants—even during COVID. A talk between two recipients.

On behalf of patients like Darmecia, we’re constantly improving the system

Important COVID-19 updates and latest data

What happened in public comment? See what the community had to say

New speaker series explores latest advances in transplant

Luminaries is a free educational fundraiser that raises awareness of organ transplant and important initiatives. This discussion will spotlight current research and advancements in technology that have the potential to improve the nation’s transplant system.

COVID-19 update: Jan. 7, 2021

Upcoming requirements for COVID-19 testing data collection in DonorNet® Beginning Jan. 27, DonorNet will require users to report if COVID-19 testing was performed on the donor. Prior to sending electronic organ offers, OPO members must answer the question, “Was...

Winter 2021 regional meetings will be virtual

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UNOS Luminaries

“Transformational Tech in Transplant”

Virtual: Feb. 4, 2021

Transplant Management Forum

Virtual: April 19-22, 2021

Policy changes


UNOS is strengthening the system that saves tens of thousands of people every year. Listen in to conversation between Darmecia and Matthew, both transplanted during the pandemic. 

SimUNetSM: a tool to improve your center’s performance. Casey Humphries, UNOS Labs program manager, shares what the simulation platform can offer.
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