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Total Transplants January - December 2020 as of 01/27/2021

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Winter 2021 public comment is open Jan. 21 – Mar. 23

Annual record trend continues for deceased organ donation, deceased donor transplants

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Board of Directors election Jan. 13–27, 2021

Kidney and pancreas policy implementation postponed, current policies remain in effect.

UNOS launches new speaker series to raise awareness about organ transplant

Winter 2021 public comment is open Jan. 21 - Mar. 23

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Virtual: Feb. 4, 2021

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UNOS is strengthening the system that saves tens of thousands of people every year. Listen in to conversation between Darmecia and Matthew, both transplanted during the pandemic. 

SimUNetSM: a tool to improve your center’s performance. Casey Humphries, UNOS Labs program manager, shares what the simulation platform can offer.
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