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UNOS Ambassadors

The heartbeat of our lifesaving mission.

Ambassadors are United Network for Organ Sharing community volunteers and advocates raising awareness and educating the public about organ donation and transplantation, organ matching, and how UNOS runs the nation’s transplant system.

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What it means to be an Ambassador

UNOS Ambassadors are passionate about organ donation, allocation and policy development. Many have a direct connection to organ donation or transplantation. Ambassador opportunities include:

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As a UNOS Ambassador, you’ll receive:


Welcome orientation: UNOS Ambassadors are invited to attend a virtual orientation to meet other Ambassadors, learn best practices, policy changes, and how to advocate for UNOS.


Educational training sessions: Create a free account on UNOS Connect to learn about the waitlist, public comment, UNOS acronyms, how to use social media to share your transplant journey, and more.


Supportive community: UNOS Ambassadors receive monthly opportunities to volunteer and an invitation to join the private Ambassadors Facebook Group. By joining our private UNOS Ambassadors Facebook Group, you can communicate with other UNOS Ambassadors and share what you’ve been doing to raise awareness for UNOS, organ donation, and transplantation.


Opportunities to tell your story: UNOS Ambassadors are encouraged to share their journey with media, legislators and the general public.

Monica Hall

Encouraging organ donation

Free from dialysis, UNOS Ambassador Monica shares her journey of receiving her kidney transplant

Shannon Catalano

Dawn Martin

Giving the gift of life

Living kidney donor and UNOS Ambassador, Dawn Martin shares her journey of donating her kidney to her little brother

Mark Berney is a 2020 heart transplant recipient

UNOS Ambassador and 2020 heart recipient expresses gratitude following transplant

Mark Berney is a heart transplant recipient during the time of COVID-19.

Why I volunteer: Amber Eck

UNOS ambassador and heart transplant recipient Amber Eck

Hear from UNOS Ambassador and heart transplant recipient Amber Eck about why she chooses to volunteer her time with UNOS.

Learn and connect

Educational resources and supportive community for UNOS Ambassadors

UNOS Connect

Create an account to view training on:

  • Using social media for organ donation advocacy
  • Waitlist 101
  • Understanding Public Comment and why you should be involved
  • Committee volunteerism
  • UNOS acronyms
  • Social media: Share your personal why


For registered UNOS Ambassadors: join the private Facebook group

Please note: a parent or legal guardian must accompany UNOS Ambassadors who are under the age of 16 to all volunteer events.

Want to amplify your story on social media? We’ll show you how.

Have 15 minutes? Create a free account on UNOS Connect and take “Using Social Media for Organ Donation Advocacy,” developed by a social media professional. You’ll learn:

  • Best practices when sharing your story
  • Practical tips and strategies that make a difference
  • How to maximize your impact, and
  • How to leverage social media as an advocacy tool
On left a photo of family smiling outside and hold a large balloon, on right are snippets from a conversation on social media
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