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The technology of data collection touches every area of transplantation—capturing, sending and receiving vital information about organ donors and transplant recipients happens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Managing that constant flow of data between different applications efficiently means a transplant can happen sooner. One of the ways UNOS manages the correct and efficient migration of data and keeps it secure is through UNetSM APIs (application program interfaces) built by our team of technology specialists.

What is an API?

APIs are programs that allow data exchanges between different computer applications that weren’t originally designed to share information. Think of them as a particular set of rules and specifications that software programs can follow to communicate with each other.

In transplantation, those applications include DonorNet®, DonorNetMobileSM, and UNetSM. UNOS technology specialists have been developing APIs that build bridges between OPOs, transplant hospitals and histocompatibility centers so their respective applications can share and update important data seamlessly. The APIs built by UNOS can be adapted into data systems developed by individual member institutions or third-party vendors.

UNOS helps the transplant community share vital data

The first API developed at UNOS was engineered to help OPOs better manage death notification registration (DNR) reporting. When an OPO codes their system to use the DNRSM API, it will allow them to update one or more DNR records to UNetSM without leaving the original website. The application process interface acts as a pipeline to the recipient data fields, with no need to enter data manually or create a separate file to upload into UNetSM.

UNOS technology specialists have developed several APIs to help the transplant community share important data in order for stakeholders to be better equipped to communicate efficiently and correctly, with multiple projects being planned with an eye toward future needs.

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Interested in increased efficiency? Tired of double-entry? Ready to stop toggling back and forth between applications? Talk to us about your data needs, and learn more about getting access to UNetSM APIs. Have your information technology representative contact us to request access to the developer portal. There they can learn more about UNetSM APIs and what the possibilities are for your organization.

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