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The following membership application forms address membership both in UNOS and in the national OPTN, which UNOS manages under federal contract. The application provided shows the data elements that are currently collected. Refer to the OPTN Bylaws for further clarification regarding requirement specifics.

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Application resources

OPTN representative

For member organizations that need to add or change their designated OPTN representative.

Transplant hospital or program

For new and existing transplant hospitals.

1. These applications may be used to start transplant programs and to add or modify key transplant personnel.

2. A certificate of assessment and program coverage plan must accompany any new transplant program application or key personnel change.

3. Please use the following log when documenting an individual surgeon or physician’s experience to demonstrate compliance with OPTN Bylaw Requirements.

Organ procurement organization

For new and existing organ procurement organizations (OPOs). This application may be used to add or modify key OPO personnel.

Histocompatibility laboratory

For new and existing histocompatibility laboratories. This application may be used to add or modify key lab personnel.

Medical/scientific organization

A medical/scientific member is a non-profit organization whose members include medical or scientific professionals with an interest in organ donation or transplantation. This application is for medical/scientific organizations to join or renew.

Public organization

A public organization member is an organization with an interest in organ donation or transplantation and must have been in operation for at least one year. This application is for public organizations to join or renew.


A business member must be an organization in operation for at least one year that engages in commercial activities with two or more active OPTN transplant hospital, OPO, or histocompatibility laboratory members. This application is for businesses to join or renew.


An individual member must be a person who meets any of the criteria detailed in Article I, Section 1.8. This application is for individual members to join or renew.

VCA application resources

This application reflects new criteria involved in the upcoming changes to the OPTN VCA Bylaws. Transplant hospitals with more than one VCA program will need to complete a separate application for each of the body part categories they wish to perform. For more information, please refer to the combined policy notice.

How to prepare

If you know of a departure to your organization’s key personnel, please notify UNOS Membership as soon as possible of the change.

Membership applications are based on the OPTN Bylaws. Refer to bylaws often for clarification on application requirements.

Categories of membership

  • Transplant hospitals
  • Organ procurement organizations
  • Histocompatibility labs
  • Medical/scientific members
  • Public organization members
  • Business members
  • Individual members

Categories of membership are described in the Bylaws, Article I.

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