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Heart allocation is changing.

Your input is needed by March 19, 2024.

Special online exercises are open through March 19, 2024

These exercises will give everyone – patients, their caregivers and anyone connected to transplant – the chance to weigh in the policy development process for hearts. But before you can take part, you will need to do some homework.

Watch videos: Heart recipents and members of the OPTN Heart and Transplant Coordinators Committees talk more about the changes coming to heart allocation.

Follow these steps and be part of the future of organ allocation.


Understand what’s changing

The Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network is creating a more fair and patient-focused system for organ allocation.
United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) is the mission-driven, non-profit organization that serves as the nation’s organ donation and transplant system—the Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN)—under contract with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
Continuous distribution: How will patients benefit?

  • It’s a more fair and flexible system
  • Equity is predicted to increase among potential recipients
  • Patients can provide their feedback earlier in the policy development process


Visit the continuous distribution resources page on the OPTN website for important information, including:


Go to resources page

Be sure to watch the animations and video presentation on this page to understand the goals and principles guiding continuous distribution.


Prepare to give feedback: Understand what factors make hearts unique

Community feedback is needed right now on development of policy for continuous distribution of hearts. But before you weigh in, you need to get informed on some very specific issues related to how this organ type is prioritized.


Visit the OPTN’s heart continuous distribution page to watch OPTN Heart Committee Chair, Dr. Richard Daly, explain the proposed factors that could potentially be used in the new heart allocation policy.

Watch video

It is important to review this information before participating in the exercise.


Participate in the Values Prioritization Exercise

Okay, so you’ve read about continuous distribution and the values prioritization exercise, and learned about factors related to heart allocation? Great! Now you’re ready to participate in the exercise that will inform the development of the framework for heart.

To refresh you on the framework behind the exercise, it asks participants to compare two factors against each other and select their level of importance when considering a heart candidate for organ transplant. The information people give in these values exercises will be used to inform policy development. It’s a chance for you to give feedback on what’s important to YOU.

Complete the exercise

  • Complete the exercise by March 19, 2024

Participate in the excercise


Send an email to [email protected]


Participate in public comment

Simultaneous to the prioritization exercises, the Heart Transplantation Committee also have a request for feedback on the heart continuous distribution policy that is open for public comment. This document goes into further detail of the policy and updates the community on its progress. Like the prioritization exercise, the participation period is open through March 19, 2024.
Public comment is an essential part of the policy development process that happens twice a year. Learn more about how we develop policy with community input.

Add your voice

  • Learn more about heart continuous distribution
  • Add your feedback

Learn more about public comment

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