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Stories and tributes

Each person touched by organ donation transplant has a unique story. Threads of hope connect them.

Stories of hope

Stories of hope celebrate the individuals who have been forever changed by organ donation and transplantation. Read stories on Transplant Living.

Donor tributes

Fernando, my brother and hero
Honor an organ donor by sharing an online tribute of their life’s special moments, accomplishments, and precious memories with family and friends.


The gift of life allowed Brendan to do something most take for granted: imagine a future. His double lung transplant gave him the ability to return to his passion for the outdoors, pursue a career and fall in love.

David and his living liver donor Mark climbed the Grand Tetons. Now David pays it forward by giving to UNOS.

Heather received her double lung and liver transplant in 2014 and kidney transplant in 2017.

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