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Liver paired donation — LPD

Liver paired donation

Two or more living donor/candidate pairs swapping liver segments to make a compatible match

Sometimes a transplant candidate has someone who wants to donate a portion of their liver to them, but tests reveal that the liver would not be a good medical match. Liver paired donation (LPD), also called a liver swap, gives that transplant candidate another option. In LPD, living donor liver-segments are exchanged, so each donor donates and each recipient receives a compatible transplant.

The UNOS Labs Liver Paired Donation Pilot Program

The UNOS Labs Liver Paired Donation Pilot Program (LPDPP) is the nation’s first multi-hospital paired donation program for liver candidates and interested living donors. Success of this pilot will provide additional access to transplant for liver transplant candidates with limited donor options, increasing the number of living donor transplants.

  • Vision: Every liver transplant candidate with an incompatible but willing and approved living donor receives a living donor liver transplant.

Transplant hospital staff enter eligible donor and recipient medical information into UNOS’ computerized system. UNOS works with transplant hospitals throughout the United States to search for cases where the donor in each pair is compatible with the recipient in another pair. By exchanging donors, a compatible match for both recipients can be found.

Participating transplant centers

Keck Hospital of USC

Strong Memorial Hospital, University of Rochester Medical Center

University of Colorado Hospital/Health Science Center

Mount Sinai Medical Center

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation Florida

New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center

Lahey Clinic Medical Center

The Cleveland Clinic Foundation

Johns Hopkins Hospital

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Henry Ford

University Hospital, University of Texas Health Science Center

Rochester Methodist Hospital (Mayo Clinic)

University of Utah Medical Center

NY Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia Univ. Medical Center

Visit the UNOS patient website, Transplant Living, to learn more about living donation.

What is UNOS Labs? with art illustrating innovation

UNOS Labs is a collaborative space where scientists, researchers and technology experts partner with donation and transplantation professionals to develop new solutions aimed at increasing efficiency in the national transplant system and saving more lives.

Meet David and Mark

Liver recipient and living donor


Patients, family members, and friends needing additional information about living donation and organ transplant, contact the OPTN Patient Services Line at 1-888-894-6361 or [email protected].

UNOS gratefully acknowledges our sponsors

UNOS is powered by a community of generous sponsors and dedicated volunteers working together to increase transplants and make the most of every precious organ donated.

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