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2022 Impact Report

Your giving matters.

Nick, smiling

As stewards of the national transplant system, we are honored to manage the resources and gifts entrusted to us, especially the gift of life. This work comes from the heart, and it cannot happen without your generosity. Only together can we improve the transplant system through technology innovations and research.

In 2022, the U.S. achieved its 1 millionth organ transplant. This milestone was made possible thanks to the collective dedication of thousands of organ donation and transplant professionals, living organ donors, patient advocates, caregivers, volunteers, organ donors and you.

Funds raised in 2022*




“To have had this whole other life is truly remarkable”

For nearly two decades, Isa gave thanks every day for the lifesaving gift from her donor, Xavier. As an author, speaker, advocate, wife, friend and grief counselor, Isa made an extraordinary impact with the second chance he made possible. In Memoriam—Isabel Stenzel Byrnes

2022: A new record

transplants in 2022

Innovation that saves lives

More than 100,000 men, women and children are waiting for a second chance at life. That is why we focus your investments on continuous improvement of the transplant system.

Revenues (fiscal year 2022)

Government contract$60,100,000 (79.8%)
UNOS member fees$7,700,000 (10.3%)
UNOS Solutions contracts$1,900,000 (2.5%)
Contributions$1,400,000 (1.8%)
Other revenue$4,200,000 (5.6%)
Pie chart showing 2022 revenues by colored sections

Expenses (fiscal year 2022)

OPTN$60,100,000 (80.8%)
Member services$9,300,000 (12.6%)
Research$700,000 (0.9%)
UNOS Labs$100,000 (0.1%)
Business services1,300,000 (1.7%)
General admin.$2,200,000 (3.0%)
Fundraising$700,000 (0.9%)
Pie chart showing 2022 expenses by colored sections

UNOS is committed to trust and accountability. See our financials.

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Record numbers of kidney, heart, liver and lung transplants

transplant recipient, Lillian, in a field of sunflowers


Liver transplant recipient

“Because of organ donation, we have more time to love our sweet Lillian.” Read her story of hope.

James and Bridget Dewees smiling

James and Bridgette

Heart transplant recipient

“We are an ordinary couple chosen for an extraordinary miracle.” Read their story of hope.

Twelve consecutive record years for deceased donation

Living liver donor, Mark, biking with recipient, David Landes


Liver paired donation

In 2022, your support made it possible to launch the first national liver paired donation pilot program, giving liver transplant candidates increased access to living donations.

This project is one of many developed in UNOS Labs, our experimental incubator. Your gift supports technology innovations, behavioral research and data science projects developed by UNOS Labs. Learn more.

Joey leaving hospital, smiling and holding a pillow with signatures and anatomical heart illustration


Heart transplant recipient

“Someone was brave enough to register as an organ donor, and now I’m alive to tell my wife I love her.” Read his story of hope.

To learn how you can support UNOS’ lifesaving mission, please contact Manager of Community Affairs & Philanthropy, Dan Noreen at [email protected].

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Learn what your generosity means to Kirk and the 100,000 children and adults waiting for their lifesaving transplant today.

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You are saving lives.

Organ donation is where heartbreak and hope reconcile. Thank you for honoring and remembering your loved ones with gifts to support UNOS’ lifesaving mission. We cannot do this work without the generosity of hundreds of individuals, foundations, grant makers and corporate sponsors.

In memory

gifts of tribute

Grammenos A. Adamantiades

Edward Agonis


Zachary Allen

Lauren Anderson

Joseph Armstead

Tammy Beyer

Richard W. Blair

Richard A. Bohn

John David Boucher

June Brestensky

Jimmie Britt

Jo Anne Britt

Richard Wayne Brunner

Thomas Burley

David Burroughs

James David Burroughs

Charles Carey

Jim Carroll

Paul Carter

Michael A. Casper

Liver donor, Chris

Kevin Christensen

Judith Clarke

George Richard “Dick” Coleman

Edward Connell

Hunter J. Conrad

James Curtis Cool

Missy D. Cottrell

My dad

Marvin Diamond

In honor of our donor family and my husband’s heart donor

My donor and donor family

My donor, Jake

My lung donor

My organ donor

My unknown donor

Unknown liver donor

All organ donors

My liver and kidney donors

Mark David Donovan

John Dorrian

Pauline Doyle

John Droege

Michael Edwards

Gary Emery

Roger Emil

Pamela Endo

Wardell Ervin

Lily G. Fagan

Chester Fannon

Mohamed El-Farra

Richard Fenlon

David Fennell

Albert E. Filling

Bernadine Fogler

Jack Funk

Andrew Gagnon

Camilla Gauthier

Colleen Gleason

Jim Gleason

Lindsay Goodman and Bob Partin

Paul Gregorio

Mark R. Handley

Jeremy Hanna

Michelle Harris

Danielle Hawkins

Darrel Hayes

Thomas T. Heckard

Herbert H. Hoffner, MD

David Homann

Carl Howard

Theodore I. Hunsberger

Kathy Idoine

Richard James

Dennis Johnson

Sara Catherine Johnson

Linda Joynes

Monica Kantzler

Richard Karnisky

Wyatt Kittrell

Irwin Kornfeld

Dr. Yamil H. Kouri

Seth Kramer

Frances Krzeminski

Sean W. Kunzli

Susan Kurtz

Robert Kurzon

Dr. Lawrence D. Larkin

Larry Larkin

Francis A Lawless

Francis A. Lawless

Mike Leach

James C. Lilly

James Lilly

Christy Lipscomb

Jon Lockwood

John Loconto

Peggy Long

Hugh Mason

Bruce C. McComb

Bruce McComb

John R. McGough

Jefferson McGovern

Terence McManus

Dr. Shamkant Mulgaonkar

Christine Mulligan

Barret Platten Naylor

James Neumann

Joann Nixon’s son and husband

Bill O’Donnell

William O’Donnell

Gary A. Olson

Artie Paradise

Wayne Parisi

Kristen Pinkerton

Ann E. Pollard

Dori Powell

Charlene Preston

Brian Primack

John Rainieri and Jeff Myers

Rayna Reagan

Kathie Redel

Sienna Parker Rettig

Robert Rice

Michael Rigano

Michael Rinaldi

Roger Rodgers

Lisa Schaffner

Janet Schelich

Greg Schiltz

Mike Scott

Pono Shim

Kate Banov Silverman

Janice Simpson

Arthur W. Smith

Chad Southward

Christopher Steinmann

Daniel Stockdreher

Kenny Strobel

Anessa Thompson

Brianna Titterington

Betty Tobias

Emilio Samura Torres

Rita Turgeon

Vishnampet S. Vaidhyanathan

Bob Valleau

Dan Williams

Daniel H. Williams

Florence James-Wingard

Thomas Woodward

Kelly Wright

Matteo Wright

Jim Gleason

In memoriam: Jim Gleason

Gleason boundlessly fulfilled opportunities to serve transplant patients and donor families and to encourage clinicians and the public to understand their experiences. Read more.

Pono Shim
In memoriam: Pono Shim

“Pono’s commitment to donation and transplant, and to the OPTN, was just one expression of a lifetime spent in service to the people around him.” Read more.

In honor

gifts of tribute

2022 production of “The God Committee”

James Agnello

Lisa Agnos

All those who make organ transplants successful

John Allen

Roger and Sue Allred

Sally and Ian Arbogast

Jeremy Biondi

Ray Book and Julie Parke

Emily and Weldon Bradshaw

Richard Brandt

Suzanne Brennan

Laura Broadhead

Ryan Bush

Bree Conterio

Lauren Cooper

Dave Corsi

Brother Craig

Dr. Maria Crespo

Judy and Paul Deibel

Thomas Dobranski

Donor families

Harvey Ginsburg’s donor

My brother’s donor

My donor

My donor, James

My donor, Katrina

My kidney donor

My liver donor

Our donor family and my husband’s heart donor

Ron Lucero’s donor

Marie J. Duvert

Sharla Elizalde

The family who gave my brother a new lease on life

Maryjane Farr

Philip Feinman

Sara Russell Foer

Mary Pat Folweiler

Daniel E. Foust

God All Mighty for my Brother

My kidney recipient, Joel Gonzalez

Virginia Gooding

Living donor and transplant hero, Becky Gustamante

Heart transplant recipients at UTSW and Columbia

“Brother Heather”

Angela Hillebrand

Kelley Hitchman

Reid Homann

My hubby

My family and Jake Jacobsen

Heather James

Glenn Jansky

Sara R. Johnson

DeEtta Jones

Jarrod Jones

Josh who donated organs to save Dick’s son Mike and 7 others through his donation of life

Patrick Kacani

Kathleen S. Klein

Patrick Knight

Jeff Lamp

Paul Langerhans

Nicole Langstrum and Sarah Dutkevitch

Marc Levin

My 9th liverversary

Bitsy and Alicia Madigan

William Mantia

My friend Mark

Joshua McDowell

Patrick McGlone

Kali McKellips

Betsy Melamed

Kirk Menefee

Michael Modica

John and Stacy Morris

Joey Moughan

The Moughan Clan

Jennifer Muston

Jeffrey L. Myers

Phi Hoang Nguyen

Carol Nicely

Haley Okuley

Michael O’Mara and Jerry Murphy

Pat O’Shaughnessy


Jim Price

Paula H. Rafferty

Laura Rossacher

David Rothstein

Katie Rutledge

The dedicated team at Sanofi Transplant

Christopher Sumner

Tables 5 and 10

Drs. Tang, Starling, Shefield, and Navas


Anita Tellier’s family

Dr. Elizabeth Thomas

Eric J. Titus

A great transplant coordinator and advocate

Chelsea Whittaker

Erica P. Woodcome

Claire Worsham

Joe Zajac

Associations, companies, and foundations
* Dollars raised, including pledged gifts.

List reflects outright gifts or pledges made between January 1, 2022 and December 31, 2022. To learn more about organizational giving to UNOS, please visit our community partners page. Review frequently asked questions about how UNOS uses charitable contributions.

Looking back

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