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Links on this page will lead you to resources on three websites: UNOS, Transplant Living, and OPTN.

Learn about UNOS

News for patients

Learn how organs work, how to cover costs and find support groups, how to take care of a transplanted organ, and more.


COVID-19 vaccine FAQs

Find answers on the Transplant Living website

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Glossary of organ donation and transplantation terms

Brochures and glossary

Question and answer brochures for transplant candidates

Definitions for transplantation and donation terms. View glossary

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Data and trends

UNOS research staff aggregate national OPTN data and analyze trends in transplantation. By tracking data at national, regional and individual institutional levels, UNOS researchers strive to identify opportunities to increase the number of transplants.

Find national, regional, state and center data

Allocation calculators

Allocation calculators

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Allocation calculators are important tools that transplant professionals and patients use to determine various scores that influence a candidate’s priority on the waiting list and likelihood of receiving a transplant.

Learn more about the scores on the OPTN:

Living donation

Living donation

Learn about:

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How are national transplant policies made? Many voices come together—including yours—to develop policies that make transplant fair and equitable for all patients. The community is developing a more equitable system of allocating deceased donor organs. This approach is called continuous distribution.

Who gets to determine policy? You do. Public comment is open twice a year. Learn more.

How do we track policy success? See how liver, kidney and pancreas policies are working.


Patients, family members, and friends needing additional information about living donation and organ transplant, contact the OPTN Patient Services Line at 1-888-894-6361 or [email protected].

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Connecting donor families & recipients

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