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Maureen McBride

Maureen McBride, Ph.D.

Chief Executive Officer

McBride oversees UNOS to ensure that the nation’s donation and transplant network efficiently and fairly serves the needs of transplant candidates and recipients, living donors and donor family members, and professionals in the field. Read more about Maureen McBride.

Ryan Ehrensberger

Ryan Ehrensberger, Ph.D., FACHE

Chief Strategy Officer

Michael Ghaffari

Michael Ghaffari

Senior Director, Technology Development

David Klassen, M.D.

David Klassen, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer

Tiwan Nicholson

Tiwan Nicholson, MSIS

Senior Director, IT Operations

Julie Nolan

Julie Nolan

Chief of Staff

Liz Robbins Callahan

Liz Robbins Callahan, Esq.

Interim General Counsel

Dale E. Smith

Dale E. Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Our vision is a lifesaving transplant for everyone in need

Roger Brown

Roger Brown

Director, Policy and Community Relations

Laura Cartwright, Ph.D.

Laura Cartwright, Ph.D.

Director, Research

Julie Chatman

Julie Chatman, MBA, CISM

Director, Information Security

Steven Hall

Steven Hall

Vice President, Strategic Excellence

Alicia Hennie

Alicia Hennie

Vice President, External Affairs

Nadine Hoffman

Nadine Hoffman, MBA

Director, Enterprise Data Management

Melissa Lane

Melissa Lane, MBA

Director, Patient and Member Support

Ann-Marie Leary

Ann-Marie Leary, MBA

Director, Major Initiatives

Michael Letson

Michael Letson, CPA, MBA

Director, Finance and Accounting

Lisa Martinez

Lisa Martinez, MBA

Vice President, Business Development

Paige Mudd

Paige Mudd

Director, Communications, Community Affairs & Philanthropy

Jacqueline O’Keefe

Jacqueline O’Keefe, MBA

Director, Member Quality

Amy Putnam

Amy Putnam, MSW, MBA

Director, Project Management Office

Tamara Rowe

Tamara Rowe

Director, Shared Services

Neelam Singh

Neelam Singh

Director, Data Analytics

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