Important COVID-19 updates and latest data

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COVID Collaborative webinar, photos of CEOs Charlie Alexander, Kevin O'Connor, Jennifer Prinz, and Jeff Orlowski

COVID Collaborative webinar: COVID-19: Past, present and future OPO operations

Register now to learn how four OPOs are addressing operational responses to the pandemic.

Why I volunteer: Amber Eck

UNOS ambassador and heart transplant recipient Amber Eck

Hear from UNOS Ambassador and heart transplant recipient Amber Eck about why she chooses to volunteer her time with UNOS.

UNOS news, policy changes

Pre-implementation system notice: Modification of the lung transplant recipient follow-up form (TRF)

Begining June 30, 2020, lung and heart-lung transplant programs will be required to provide additional data.

UNOS news, system changes

Changes coming to the kidney paired donation data dashboard

The dashboard will provide overview of the status of the OPTN kidney paired donation data dashboard.

Number of transplants in the US by week, total

Transplants bounce back to near pre-COVID-19 levels

Monitoring transplants during the COVID-19 pandemic, the UNOS data visualization shows changes in weekly organ transplants.

UNOS news

UNOS researchers to present studies at American Transplant Congress

UNOS staff members will present their research at the 2020 American Transplant Congress May 30 through June 1.

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