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UNOS news, liver

Liver allocation policy to revert to DSA-based system

Please refer to this page for the latest news and important updates about liver distribution policy changes: View the latest liver policy updates

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Submit your staffing survey data

“Plain and simple, the staffing survey is the only consistent benchmarking tool for transplant programs that currently exists,” said Angie Korsun, Executive Director, Advanced Organ Management Services and longtime member of the OPTN Transplant Administrators Committee (TAC).

TMF speakers Sarah Taranto and Amber Wilk

UNOS CARE Report Accept visualization allows user to see trends over time by day, month, quarter, or calendar year.

New CARE tool visualizes organ acceptance and refusal

Center Acceptance and Refusal Evaluation (CARE) Report allows transplant centers to see all of the offers they accept as well as all those they refuse.

UNOS news, liver

Jacqueline O’Keefe at TMF

Jacqueline O’Keefe of UNOS Member Quality: partnering to improve best practices

UNOS Director of Member Quality Jacqueline O’Keefe to speak at TMF on being a performance improvement partner

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