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Learn about the new liver policy and how it will make liver distribution more equitable for all

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Extra Vessels changes coming this summer

We are making numerous changes related to Extra Vessels beginning this summer.  Be aware of these changes so you can take appropriate action.

Liver - intestine news

Liver distribution policy, NLRB implementation deferred until May 14

At the direction of the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), implementation of both the liver and intestinal organ distribution policy based on acuity circles and the National Liver Review Board (NLRB) will be deferred until May 14, 2019. This decision is related to a federal lawsuit filed by several plaintiffs challenging the liver distribution […]

Kidney - pancreas news

KPD Histocompatibility Testing Requirements Checklist

When new policy becomes effective on January 21, KPD donor hospitals are responsible for all HLA typing for donors and for arranging shipment of the donor blood sample to the candidate’s hospital or lab for crossmatch.

Donor Alliance CEO Sue Dunn accepting the 2018 Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Donor Alliance of Colorado receives Presidential award for Performance Excellence

Colorado OPO is awarded the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award

Photo of kidney recipient Kim Uccellini

Pediatric transplant recipient grows up to give back

Kim Uccellini received a kidney transplant at age 9 and now nearly 30 years later she’s celebrating National Pediatric Transplant Week.

Matthew Hartwig, MD

Dr. Matthew Hartwig on increasing lung utilization through perfusion

UNOS talks with Matthew Hartwig, M.D., of Duke University Medical School about the transformative potential of ex vivo lung perfusion

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