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How do liver candidates get prioritized for transplant? Understanding the NLRB

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UNOS news, system changes

Changes to UNOS Messaging service for organ offer notifications

We are making changes to improve organ offer notifications.

UNOS news, heart/lung

Submitting LAS exception requests for candidates diagnosed with PH

View candidate’s LAS data as of June 21, 2019.

UNOS news

New OPTN organ transplant labels available now

We are updating the OPTN organ transport labels providing them free to all members. TransNet labels will also be available at no cost.

UNOS news, policy changes

Webinars provide information about public comment proposals

Public comment will be open August 2 through October 2.

UNOS news

Call for nominations for 2020 board and committees

The OPTN is seeking nominations for vacancies beginning July 1, 2020 on the Board of Directors

UNOS news, education

UNet University e-learning modules launch this fall

Available in UNOS Connect

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