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Winter 2021 public comment is open Jan. 21 - Mar. 23

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Winter 2021 regional meetings will be virtual. Learn more.

About regional meetings

Winter 2021 regional meetings to be virtual

The safety of our meeting attendees is a top priority for UNOS. Because of COVID-19 health concerns, all Winter 2021 regional meetings will be held virtually. Registration details will be available soon on each region’s page.

Regional meetings are held twice each year during the winter and summer public comment periods. Regional meetings are an opportunity to influence policy proposals, prepare for upcoming changes, and hear perspectives from the transplant community about improvements to organ allocation.

For details about winter 2021 public comment visit the public comment webpage. New to the public comment process? Learn more here.

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UNOS update

Innovations at UNOS!

Join United Network for Organ Sharing for our Innovations at UNOS webinar happening Monday, Feb. 22, from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. Space is limited. Click here to register.

Learn about the many ways UNOS and the transplant community are working together to improve and transform the national transplant system. This session identifies insights leading to further innovations, and pilot-testing concepts and ideas with high impact to saving lives.

Several initiatives and partnerships will be discussed, including:

  • Travel App
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Development of clinical decision support tools
  • “Quick-hit” updates on innovative projects in progress

Public comment educational resources and committee updates

Review OPTN updates, public comment presentations, committee updates and reports.

“It is important to be engaged in the transplant community. I have worked in the field for 24 years, and I am always learning new things and finding ways to incorporate best practices into our work. These meetings help me gain a better understanding of the needs and priorities of our colleagues in transplant.”

Felicia Wells-Williams, Legacy of Life Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii


Winter 2021 Collaborative


Review presentations, summaries and other documents from past regional meetings:

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