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Tell us why you’d like to volunteer as a committee member, board member, regional councillor or in another way.

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Apply now: Volunteer for the OPTN

Are you passionate about organ donation and transplantation? Are you looking for an opportunity to make a greater impact on the transplant community? Learn how to apply to serve as a volunteer for the OPTN.

Thank you to those who applied to support the OPTN as a committee or Board member. Members of the national organ donation and transplantation community have elected 19 people to terms on the Board of Directors for terms beginning in July.

If you have any questions about the volunteer process, please reach out to [email protected].

As a member your input is invaluable. UNOS is seeking your expertise in the following areas:

Organ review board

Evaluate organ transplant candidates considered for priority, on a case-by-case basis, as part of a medical peer review group

MPSC on-site peer review

Provide objective, on-site review of OPTN member facilities, including review of member policies, protocols and quality documentation to help the program and the MPSC identify potential opportunities for improvement

Collaborative improvement expert council

Supply clinical and subject matter expertise on various collaborative improvement topics

Research think tank

Serve as a transplant industry expert who provides insights and strategic thinking on specific research problems and projects

Research clinical expert group

Participate in research studies and interact with the system to provide insights, guidance and testing of products and services

Collaborative improvement faculty

Supply subject matter and practitioner advice on various collaborative improvement topics

Education subject matter expert

Develop and review educational materials and efforts relating to policy implementation and the sharing of effective practices

IT customer council

Share your ideas, experiences, and feedback to develop and improve UNOS’ IT applications

Individual feedback during public comment

Offer your opinions and questions to help guide proposals that will be considered by the Board of Directors, which considers all public comments before voting on any proposal.

Associate Regional Councillor

The Associate Regional Councillor serves as the regional representative to the Membership and Professional Standards (MPSC) committee, and assists with region-wide communication of key information and input into policy development. Most Associate Councillors advance to become Regional Councillor and represent their region on the Board of Directors.


OPTN committee members serve two-and three-year terms and rely on their expertise and unique perspectives to advise the OPTN Board of Directors regarding proposed policies and initiatives. Learn more about how to get involved in OPTN committees.

Board of Directors

OPTN board members actively participate as an OPTN fiduciary to help establish and oversee OPTN policies, and participate in the development, prioritization and implementation of projects intended to further OPTN strategic goals. Learn more about how to volunteer for the OPTN Board of Directors.

UNOS Ambassadors

Hillenburg family

Become a UNOS Ambassador. Educate others about UNOS, organ donation and transplantation. The UNOS Ambassador program provides tools, tips, and resources to help you spread awareness of United Network for Organ Sharing’s lifesaving mission in your community. Anyone can become a UNOS Ambassador.

Learn more

Your giving matters.

Edward, transplant recipient

As the non-profit steward of the national transplant system, UNOS is honored by your generosity to support lifesaving innovation. See 2022 Impact Report.

Coming soon: 2023 Impact Report

Get involved

TMF 2024 Heckenkemper Award Winner: Nancy Metzler honored

"We have the unique privilege as transplant administrators to support our team as they turn a tragedy into a miracle." Nancy Metzler The Annual Heckenkemper Leader in Transplant Administration / Quality Award (also known as the Heckenkemper Award) is given each year...

Special comment period for Expedited Placement Variance

The Organ Procurement and Transplant Network (OPTN) plans to release a series of proposed policies for public comment next month. Currently, OPTN seeks feedback on the “Expedited Placement Variance.” The special public comment period for the variance will begin December 21 and end January 21, 2024. To read the full proposal and offer comments, click here.


Why I volunteer

Transplant recipients and transplant professionals volunteer to give back, to learn, to develop policy—all contributing to our national transplant system's strength and growth. Read on to learn how you can get involved.


Read more about volunteering for the board or a committee.

Tell us why you’d like to volunteer as a committee member, board member, regional councillor or in another way.

Complete the volunteer form

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