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Powerful technology saving lives 24/7

Organ donation and transplant professionals work around the clock with UNetSM software so that kids like Madelyn can start second grade and moms like Darmecia can celebrate a son’s graduation.

At UNOS, our software saves lives 24/7 and we’re continuously improving. Learn more about our digital transformations.

Madelyn, heart transplant recipient

Darmecia, liver transplant recipient (2nd from right)

David, lung transplant recipient

Jen, heart transplant recipient (left)

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Transplant candidate data


Organ donor data


Safeguarding organ transport

Data Services

Insights for improvement


Pre-/post-transplant data

How transplant hospitals:

  • List transplant candidates
  • Manage patient health data
  • Calculate patient medical urgency and predicted transplant benefit

Technology partners

UNet APIs: Seamlessly exchange data with Waitlist

DonorNet allows:

Technology partners

UNet APIs: Seamlessly exchange data with DonorNet

  • OPOs use TransNet to package and label donated organs for transport
  • Transplant hospitals use it to efficiently validate identified recipient

Technology partners

OPOs and transplant programs can:

  • Understand their organ donation and transplantation activities
  • Access interactive tools to assist in evaluating their processes
  • Review insights to identify areas for improvement
  • Utilize reports to support their operations and fix data issues
  • Build custom reports for specific data needs

Technology partners

Data collection for:

  • Donor, candidate, and recipient-specific records
  • Pre-transplant candidate registration information
  • Post-transplant follow-up data

Technology partners

UNet APIs: Seamlessly exchange data with TIEDI

Resources and support

UNet support, news and education


  • System status: View UNet System Status page
  • Access issues? Contact your organization’s site administrator(s)
  • Change permissions: Contact UNOS customer service at (800) 978-4334
  • Data reporting and modification request forms: Contact UNOS customer service at (800) 978-4334
  • Supported browsers: Find list within UNet's help documentation.

News and education


Powerful partners

UNet’s agility comes from relationships. We partner to lead digital transformation.

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