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Data collection

The data collection forms below show what data elements the OPTN currently collects. Transplant hospitals, histocompatibility laboratories, and organ procurement organizations enter data into the OPTN database in UNetSM.

Pre-transplant information is derived primarily from the waitlist and match runs. Transplant professionals enter some pre-transplant information about both candidates and recipients and post-transplant information about recipients on organ-specific OPTN data collection forms. Information used to reconcile donor and recipient data about the transplant is entered on the Donor Organ Disposition record.

Data requests

Submit a data reporting or modification request:


Enter data on candidates, recipients and donors. If you can’t access the site, your hospital or OPO site administrator can help you.

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OPTN Board-approved allocation policies rely on specific mathematical formulas unique to particular organs.

These calculators, which use the same formula as the UNetSM computer system, help create a numerical scale for candidates on the waiting list and those scales are used in the allocation process.


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