UNOS brings together organ transplant patients, donor families, transplantation professionals and others in the transplant community with our mission of matching organs and saving lives. Through policy development and implementation, we strive to create a fair and equitable organ matching and allocation system for those in need.

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UNOS Policy
How we make policy

How we make policy

We strive for consensus in developing policies for organ allocation and distribution. This collaborative process promotes equity among patients.

How policies are made

Public comment

Public comment

We want to hear from patients, professionals, donor families, transplant professionals, and anyone else interested in shaping transplant policy.

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Find the OPTN Evaluation Plan, performance management and other tools here to ensure you are following policy correctly.

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Organ Procurement and Transplantation Network (OPTN) policies are rules that govern operation of all UNOS member transplant hospitals, organ procurement organizations (OPOs) and histocompatibility labs in the U.S. Policies are made through a collaborative process involving committees, the OPTN Board of Directors and the public. View these policies now or view policy brochures.

Framework for organ distribution

Organ distribution

Learn about the continuous distribution model approved by the OPTN as a framework for future policy development as it addresses geographic distribution of donated organs. Continuous distribution would, in the future, replace fixed geographic boundaries with a statistical model incorporating distance along with key clinical factors.

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Liver distribution

Liver policy updates

Read the latest news and important updates about liver distribution policy changes:

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Liver distribution

Kidney and pancreas policy development updates

Read the latest news and important updates about kidney and pancreas policy changes:

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Policy changes

Learn about changes to donation and transplant policy.

System changes

System notices explain changes to UNet.

User experience updates to the DonorNet® visual design

In an effort to improve the UNetSM design and user experience, United Network for Organ Sharing is making improvements to the look and feel of the DonorNet application related to branding, color schemes, and workflows within the system.

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