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Policy changes: All organs

Extra Vessels included in TIEDI® for VCA

TIEDI® permissions for Vessels Reporting have been added to all 10 VCA organs within Security Administration. These permissions allow designated users either full access or read only access, similar to existing permissions for non-VCA organs. Ensure permissions established before March 6, 2024.

Latest in reporting positive post procurement donor results

A new permission in Security Administration was added today for transplant programs. Starting Feb. 28, Transplant Programs will be able to view and acknowledge receipt of these notifications from a new dashboard in DonorNet. The dashboard will be visible only to hospital users who have this new permission to acknowledge these notifications.

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System changes

System notices explain changes to UNetSM

Mandatory training and UNet user audit opens Feb. 28, 2024

Beginning Feb. 28, 2024, site security administrators will have four weeks to complete the required audit of their UNet users. Prior to completing the audit, site security administrators must complete the updated training course UNet Security Administration (SYS 150)...

Submit historical VCA collection forms by Feb. 9

New VCA forms available including: TRR and TRF forms that have been updated for the 10 VCA organs.  Programs are expected to respond with the new forms completed forms to [email protected] within 90 days of either the date the recipient was removed from the waiting list (TRR), or the date of the six-month or annual anniversary of transplant (TRF) .

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Kidney and pancreas

Read more about kidney and pancreas policy. Or visit toolkits.

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Visit Vascularized Composite Allograft toolkit.

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