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Policy changes and monitoring

Policy changes: All organs

Find information about OPTN policy and bylaws changes approved at OPTN Board of Directors meetings, including implementation dates and any actions you need to take.

View all OPTN policy notices

System changes

System notices explain changes to UNetSM

Now in effect: Waitlist enhancements and new kidney features

This first release in a series of enhancements introduces a new workflow and ‘Save as you go’ process for registering kidney candidates, as well as other improvements to the screens and navigation tools in Waitlist for all organs.

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Liver and intestine

Read more about liver and intestine policy. Or visit toolkits.

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icon of lung inside circle

Heart and lung

Visit toolkits.

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icon of pancreas inside circle

Kidney and pancreas

Read more about kidney and pancreas policy. Or visit toolkits.

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Visit Vascularized Composite Allograft toolkit.

OPTN Board of Directors updates

Stay up to date on the latest news from the OPTN Board of Directors meetings.

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