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UNOS commissions independent assessment of IT systems

UNOS recently received the results of a comprehensive assessment it commissioned as a part of its ongoing efforts to drive improvement and emphasize transparency.

For immediate release: UNOS submits Board of Directors independence plan

UNOS plan reimagines governance of U.S. transplant system to best serve patients

Roadmap outlines how to create an independent OPTN Board in a move endorsed by Congress

Organ shipment with Kidneys Enbloc label in cockpit of airplane with pilot seated in background, soft focus

UNOS applauds house action to improve air transport of donor organs

Floor vote establishes a work group to review whether organs transported via commercial flight could once again travel safely in a plane’s cabin

UNOS embraces reform efforts

UNOS embraces reform of the U.S. donation and transplant system

Ahead of today’s U.S. Senate Committee on Finance hearing on the nation’s organ donation and transplant system, United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) reiterates its commitment to modernizing and reforming the nation’s organ donation and transplant system and working with Congress to achieve measurable results for patients.

UNOS release: Kidney

New policy aims to speed kidney acceptance rates, increase transplants

The OPTN Board of Directors unanimously approved a new policy that will help more patients receive a lifesaving kidney transplant by getting the right organ to the right patient faster.

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