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How to apply

Transplant hospital definition

As a result of a change to the OPTN bylaws defining a transplant hospital, all transplant hospitals need to provide additional information to the OPTN or notify UNOS of their intention to separate into multiple member hospitals or merge an existing membership with another member hospital. UNOS is sending an application form to each member transplant hospital. A copy of the reference application form is available, and UNOS has also prepared a Frequently Asked Questions document to help members understand what to submit.

Regional administrators

UNOS' regional administrators are your liaison to everything about UNOS and the OPTN. If you have a question about implementing transplant policy or related member questions, contact your regional administrator.

Ross Walton, UNOS regional administrator
REGIONS 2, 6, 7, 10
Ross Walton
(804) 782-4942
Tina Rhoades, UNOS regional administrator
REGIONS 3, 5, 11
Tina Rhoades
(804) 782-1551
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