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"Life is a gift"

“It is a responsibility to fight for it,” says heart recipient José and his sister, Alejandra

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Data report for liver and intestine

Brendan Morrison celebrates his transplant anniversary

Brendan: A second set of lungs, a second chance at life

To celebrate my one year lungiversary I decided to try and do as many outdoor activities as I could fit in to use my new lungs to their fullest potential.

Kristofer and Omar, half-brothers, and share a liver

Omar, liver recipient

Kristofer Garriott and Omar Garriott have more in common than being half-brothers. They share a liver!

Jameson Finney, Story of hope

Jameson’s story: The transplant that came out of left field

“I was scared and thrilled at the same time,” Jameson says. “This meant I wouldn’t be attached to a battery anymore. I would be able to swim again and play sports with my friends.”

Josh, Bethany, Hannah Goralski

Bethany and Hannah, kidney donors

On March 14 and 15, Hannah and I each donated one of our healthy kidneys to a complete stranger at Northwestern. It was a wonderful experience and I wish I could do it again.

Juniper, story of hope

Juniper, heart recipient

On September 17, 2014 Juniper received a lifesaving heart transplant. Read her story.

Lindsay Ess, double hand recipient

Lindsay, double hand recipient

Double hand recipient Lindsay Ess, who is the patient representative on the new VCA committee, proudly shows her support of UNOS at our United for UNOS event.

CJ, kidney recipient, story of hope

CJ, kidney recipient

As a travelling comedian, he shares his transplant story with humor and realism. C.J. founded the non-profit WeCareRVA and is an avid UNOS community volunteer.

Jodi, story of hope

Jodi, non-directed kidney donor

Jodi donated her kidney in 2013 as part of a kidney paired exchange at Piedmont Atlanta Hospital. “Donating has been one of the most impactful experiences of my life, and I’ve had the good fortune not just to meet my recipient, Julie, and her husband, Ray, but to get to know them well,” said Jodi, who is a wellness coach.

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