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Amy Louise Edwards

She had a beautiful soul since the day she was born. She lived her life to the fullest, never missed an opportunity to help someone in need.

Emily Marie Gonzales

She was my niece, daughter, crazy girl, and rock. I will miss you for as long as I live, but knowing you saved lives by deciding to donate, I can hold my head up high and say I’m the Aunt of a hero. Love you crazy girl til we meet again, in that better place that your in right now.

Curtis Dylan Lowe

He was and will always be a hero to us!! Even after leaving us he’s helping others!!! We love you Curtis always and forever!!!

MaryGrace Pickett

My mother was the most exuberant, generous and positive person. She was a friend to everyone. Her motto was live life to the fullest–“while I am here, I will live”.

Kayshla Michelle Torres

Her beautiful smile, vivacious way of life and her giving ways made it easy to donate her right kidney, left kidney and pancreas, liver, heart and retinas. To know she’s living through someone else and who she’s given a second chance at life warms my heart and makes life a little more tolerable.

Elizabeth Jane Clagett

She saved a person with her lungs and 2 others with a kidney each. Her tissue and corneas were also donated. I love that she lives on in others and this was her wish.

Camryn Alexis Barrows

If Camryn could have helped..she would and so we did. She saved 8 lives. My daughter is a hero.

Linda M. Stanley

Lovely Lady Linda although was 8 months old when leaving this earth. Her organs live on in another.

Roberto Cuebas

Each year on that Oct 19th anniversary day, I write another thank you letter detailing how their brother’s heart is still touching so many lives through my own life’s activities thanks to their sharing his heart through organ donation.

Ricky Mullane

Being able to give Ricky his wish to be an organ/tissue donor has brought us some comfort since his leaving us. His big heart, generous spirit is helping over 50 people live healthier
happier lives.

Melanie Heusted-Cybulski

We lost my baby sister Melanie in a tragic boating accident. She was a caring nurse, wife and mother. She gave the ultimate gift.

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