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Coming soon: CPRA >98% form removal for highly sensitized candidates

Coming soon: CPRA >98% form removal for highly sensitized candidates


Coming soon, the OPTN Computer System, known as UNetSM, will no longer require transplant hospitals to provide approvals of candidate’s unacceptable antigens when the candidate’s calculated CPRA is above 98%.

All candidates with a CPRA above 98% will be prioritized on the match appropriately.

What you need to do

Transplant hospitals will no longer be required to obtain signatures and update candidate registrations when a candidate’s CPRA is above 98%. There are no changes needed for OPOs.

Additional details

The system changes to UNet will include:

  • The OPTN Waiting List, known as WaitlistSM, will be updated to no longer collect the transplant program’s HLA laboratory director and transplant physician or surgeon’s name when candidate’s CPRA is above 98%
  • My Critical Data (on the UNet Secure Enterprise landing page) and Expected data (on Waitlist’s landing page) will no longer include a section for “Kidney Candidates Requiring Written Approvals for CPRA Greater Than 98%”
  • Waitlist Reports:
    • “CPRA greater than 98% approvals report” will be removed from Waitlist Reports
    • Custom reports within Waitlist will no longer include the approver names within the list of available columns

Approver name(s) will be removed from any saved custom reports automatically at implementation

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