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Actions to strengthen the U.S. organ donation and transplant system

Oversight: Enhance oversight and increase transparency of peer review process


UNOS closely coordinates and communicates with HRSA and CMS to ensure that quality of care and patient safety is enhanced, and the system is held accountable.

UNOS Action

UNOS, as the OPTN contractor, created a new public page on the OPTN website to increase transparency. The page provides updates and information regarding the OPTN Membership and Professional Standards Committee (MPSC) performance improvement and compliance review activities.

The UNOS Action Agenda reflects the needs of the broader donation and transplant community.

All stakeholders, including UNOS, share a common mission:

Get as many transplantable organs as possible to patients who need them, fairly, equitably and efficiently.

All parts of the national system must be held accountable for making sure that this happens. The transplant community and the OPTN must provide the highest level of service to patients and the greatest level of transparency to the public who have charged them with this lifesaving work.

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