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Actions to strengthen the U.S. organ donation and transplant system

Patient empowerment: Increase direct services and resources to patients, donors, caregivers and families


The current contract obligates the OPTN contractor to provide web‐based patient education materials on the OPTN website. These materials provide information about how organ allocation works, what to expect during the transplant process, the waiting list, resources by organ and more.

UNOS currently enhances these offerings with expanded resources. Including these additional offerings as part of the OPTN contract would ensure that the OPTN serves as a centralized resource to patients and their loved ones during their journey.

UNOS Action

UNOS is advocating that HRSA require the OPTN to offer more expansive consumer empowerment tools with the next OPTN contract. These empowerment tools will enable patients to make choices regarding their care. They will also provide education and resources for patients, donors, caregivers, parents and their families.

All stakeholders, including UNOS, share a common mission:

Get as many transplantable organs as possible to patients who need them, fairly, equitably and efficiently.

All parts of the national system must be held accountable for making sure that this happens. The transplant community and the OPTN must provide the highest level of service to patients and the greatest level of transparency to the public who have charged them with this lifesaving work.

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