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Actions to strengthen the U.S. organ donation and transplant system

IT improvement: Maintain safe, modern and reliable OPTN IT systems and infrastructure


There has been significant discussion concerning UNOS’ IT systems. UNOS has requested that the U.S. Digital Service conduct an in‐person assessment of UNOS’ IT infrastructure.1 UNOS has also engaged an independent consulting firm to assess our technology and modernization efforts against industry best practices and the U.S. Digital Services Playbook standards. Additionally, UNOS is updating its systems’ user interface to make it easier for donation and transplant professionals to make and evaluate offers. We are leveraging internal and external experts in human-centered design, as well as engaging members of the community throughout the design process.

UNOS will undertake/propose the following action

Advocate for changes in the next OPTN contract that require the OPTN to:


Continue developing new security standards with the OPTN Network Operations Oversight Committee (NOOC) and HRSA, aimed at ensuring that OPO, hospital and histocompatibility laboratory systems and environments comply with the National Institute of Standards in Technology (NIST) or an equivalent standard, complete training and pass routine audits. The proposal was available for public comment through March 18, 2023.2

UNOS published the Action Agenda on Jan. 30, 2023, to reflect the needs of the broader donation and transplant community. As we progress on the actions and recommendations outlined, we will post updates here accordingly.

All stakeholders, including UNOS, share a common mission:

Get as many usable transplant organs as possible to patients who need them, fairly, equitably and efficiently.

All parts of the national system must be held accountable for making sure that this happens. The OPTN contractor must provide the highest level of service to patients and the greatest level of transparency to the public who has charged it with this lifesaving work.

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