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Extra Vessels included in TIEDI® for VCA

Extra Vessels included in TIEDI® for VCA

TIEDI® permissions for Vessels Reporting have been added to all 10 VCA organs within Security Administration. These permissions allow designated users either full access or read only access, similar to existing permissions for non-VCA organs. Per Policy 16.6c transplant hospitals are responsible for reporting extra vessels disposition to the OPTN which is available for donors who donated their VCA organ.

Please ensure anyone who will need TIEDI access for VCA Vessels Reporting has appropriate permissions established in Security Administration before March 6.
What you need to do

Site Security Administrators, please grant the vessels reporting permissions to any VCA groups that need the ability to modify or view vessels information in TIEDI. Transplant hospital users, if you believe you need this permission, please reach out to your designated Site Administrator.

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