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New data services portal in UNet

New data services portal in UNet

UNet Security Administrators

As of December 16th, a new data services portal in UNet is available for a preview. It will allow members to interact with their data, using Tableau data visualization software.
Security administrators can now begin setting up users with permissions to access the data services portal. Specific access must be granted to this application through the normal security administration page. There will be a new option at the bottom of the page for data services. Access to Data Services will be required for anyone at your institution needing to download files or interact with the visual analytics.

It is important to note that the data files include patient and staff identifiers, and access is institution rather than program/organ specific. For transplant centers this is different than all other sites in UNOS. Once granted access to data services, each person will see identified data for all organ programs associated with your institution.

For example, if you, as a Kidney Site Administrator, add the permission to data services to a kidney security group, the users in that security group will have access to all the data in the data services portal, including data for other organ programs.

As a best practice, it is recommended Security Administrators first grant themselves access to the data services portal to become familiar with the information that is being shared, before extending access to the data to other users.

Also on December 16th, we made significant changes to the Secure Enterprise home page. Learn more.

We will notify members about the data services portal in early January, and training will be available on January 11th.


Contact UNOS Customer Service at 1-800-978-4334 or [email protected].

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