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Living liver donor, Mark, biking with recipient, David Landes

2021 Impact Report

Your giving matters.

As stewards of the national transplant system, we are honored to manage the resources and gifts entrusted to us, especially the gift of life. This work comes from the heart, and it cannot happen without your generosity. Only together can we improve the transplant system through technology innovations and research.

In 2021, we surpassed 40,000 transplants for the first time in a single year because of the efforts of thousands of people across the U.S. Transplant medical teams, living organ donors, organ procurement professionals, patient advocates, caregivers, volunteers, organ donors and you made this achievement possible.

Funds raised in 2021*


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Organ donation is a precious gift.

David Landes knows this better than most. David is unique—he is both a living liver recipient and a major supporter of innovations in UNOS Labs. He wanted to help others get a second chance, like he did. Hear his story including how he is paying the gift of life forward.

2021: A new record

transplants in 2021

Innovation that saves lives

More than 100,000 men, women and children are waiting for a second chance at life. That is why we focus your investments on continuous improvement of the transplant system.

Revenues (fiscal year 2021)

Government contract$53,424,508 (78.6%)
UNOS member fees$10,845,896 (16.0%)
UNOS Solutions contracts$1,657,066 (2.4%)
Contributions$848,702 (1.2%)
Other revenue$1,189,655 (1.8%)
2016 UNOS revenues

Expenses (fiscal year 2021)

OPTN$53,400,000 (83.1%)
Member services$7,800,000 (12.2%)
Business services$892,000 (1.4%)
General admin.$844,000 (1.3%)
Research$670,000 (1.0%)
Fundraising$381,000 (0.6%)
UNOS Labs$220,000 (0.3%)
2016 UNOS revenues

UNOS is committed to trust and accountability. See our financials.

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Record numbers of kidney, heart and liver transplants

Nikita, transplant recipient


Liver transplant recipient

“I am happy and incredibly grateful for every day that I get to experience.”

Read her story of hope.

UNOS Living Insider newsletter cover featuring a smiling man and his granddaughter


Learn what your generosity means to Kirk and the 100,000 children and adults waiting for their lifesaving transplant today.

Read our latest newsletter.

Bethany and Hannah, living donors

Josh, Bethany and Hannah

Living kidney donors

“We decided to honor our Dad by donating our kidneys anonymously.”

Read their story of hope.

Green heart with number 11

Eleven consecutive record years for deceased donation

Hands holding an iphone with screen displaying map with location indicator, next to a white GEGO tracking device

UNOS Labs: Organ tracking service

In 2021, your support made it possible to track organs in transit in real time, bringing peace of mind to patients, families and transplant professionals.

This project is one of many developed in UNOS Labs, our experimental incubator. Your gift supports technology innovations, behavioral research and data science projects developed by UNOS Labs. Learn more.

Siqueiros family sitting in grass

Isabel, Jason and Jaxon

Heart transplant recipients

”I promise my children will always know their hearts beat for two.“

Read their story of hope.

To learn how you can support UNOS’ lifesaving mission, please contact Manager of Fundraising, Lindsey Jennings at [email protected].

You are saving lives.

Organ donation is where heartbreak and hope reconcile. Thank you for honoring and remembering your loved ones with gifts to support UNOS’ lifesaving mission. We cannot do this work without the generosity of hundreds of individuals, foundations, grant makers and corporate sponsors.

In memory

gifts of tribute

Patricia M. Abbott

Frank Anderson

Joseph Armstead

Charles A. Babcock

Sheila Bailey-Stewart

Roland E. Barker

Hugh G. Bearden

Ravi Bloom

Richard A. Bohn

Allen Bremmer

June Brestensky

Gloria Brimacombe

Jo Anne “Jody” Britt

Beverly Bullock

James David Burroughs

Cindy Byrnes

Barry Calhoun

William Wayne Carlson

Jim Carroll

Paul Carter

Louis Centrella

Judith Clarke

Sarah Clevenger

Charlie Cox

Erika L. Cox

Steven Coyle

Chad D. Crank

Betsy Crenshaw

Robert J. Cugini

Sean Cummins

Mary Jane Dale

Katherine Ghentlee Womack Daugherty

Casey Mitchell Drawert, MD

John Droege

Daniel Dwyer

Joseph Emberson

Gary Emery

Pamela Endo

Alecia Evans

Lily Grace Fagan

Sandor Farkas

Gail Farmer

Albert E. Filling

Sara Foer

John R. Foster

Steve Friedman

Robert Furney

Cameron K. Gallagher

Summer S. Gardner-Vigil

Colleen Gleason

Eric D. Gourieux

Barney Green

Mark R. Handley

Hampton O. Harris

Michelle Harris

Stephen P. Hessling

Richard James

Dennis Johnson

Kallie Kaczmarek

Monica Kantzler

Billy Keely

Seth Kramer

Frances Krzeminski

Susan Kurtz

Elaine Lai

Larry Larkin

James Lawrence

Dennis Leck

Stewart Lezell

James C. Lilly

Peggy Long


Steven Mariana

Dawn Martincheck

Michael Ray Masoner

Michelle Mattingly

James Mazzuchelli

Bruce McComb

Joanne E. McElroy

John R. McKenna

Gary Mensinger

Wayne Mikolajczak

Peggy Miller

Susan Moffat

Sujitha Murugesan

David Myers

Barret Platten Naylor

Donald Neufarth

James P. Neumann

Ron Parish

Justin Parker

Wanda Peterson

Wendell E. Pineo

Ann E. Pollard

Renee Marie Kidwell Popovich

Dori Powell

Walter P. Puffer

Michael Radicchi

Rose and Michael Radicchi

Terry L. Raney

Rayna Reagan

Venkat Reddy

Sienna Parker Rettig

Sandra Richardson

Michael Rigano

Michael Rinaldi

Roger Rodgers

Charity Rose

Bryan Rysdyk

Michael J. Saggese

Lisa Schaffner

Greg Schiltz

Carl Schneir

David R. Schutte

Ted Schweich

Mike Scott

Todd A. Setzke

Linda Shepherd

Glenn E. Smith

Chad Southward

William L. Spriggs

Orlando Staton

Jethro “Junior” Lee Story

Gwen P. Thomas

Paul Anthony Thomas

Betty Tobias

Stephen M. Torbeck

Vishnampet S. Vaidhyanathan, Ph.D

Judy Violante

Todd J. Wallace

Herman Washington

William Whitley

Daniel H. Williams

Evan Wishnia

Henry Wix

Thomas Woodward

Matteo Wright

Fred L. Yoder

Lisa Schaffner
In memoriam: Lisa Schaffner

With boundless energy and tireless dedication, Lisa impacted the donation and transplant community, both locally and nationally, as a passionate member of Team UNOS. We are grateful that Lisa touched all our lives and for the lasting legacy she leaves behind.

In honor

gifts of tribute

John Allen

Sally Arbogast

Todd Barenbrugge

David Barnett

Baylor Scott and White Transplant Institute

Dee Bergman

Ronald Birt

Lois and Jerry Bohn

Weldon Bradshaw

Laura Broadhead

Jodi Brown Duckhorn


Robert Scott Burkhalter

John R. Carter

Jamie Cocke

Bree Conterio

Maria Crespo

Parker Cronin

Larry and Barbara Davis

Thelma Desjarlais

Marvin Diamond

All organ donors and donor families

Mandy Doy

Nicole Langstrum and Sarah Dutkevitch

Mark Eisen

My family who have PKD

My wonderful family

Chet Fannon

Clayton Fulks

Thomas A. Gates

Harvey Ginsberg

Robert S. Goodman

Earl and Nancy Greiner

Janice Hammond

Thomas T. Heckard

Madeleine R. Heldman

Carolyn and John Hodges

Isabella Jacobson

Bruce James

Heather James

Renee Jankowitz

Glenn Jansky

Mikayla Rose Johnson

Connie K., sister and living donor

Kim and Patrick Kacani

Katrina, my donor

Sue Kerr

Dean LeBlanc

Lindsey Jenning’s wedding

Litner Consulting Clients


Brett Menzie

Mike Mitchell

Michael Modica

Allan D. Morris

Dr. Shamkant Mulgaonkar

Natera Give Back Attendees

Drs. Tang, Starling, Shefield, and Navas

Justin Neal

Judy Nislow

Haley Okuley

Theresa Orth

Ray Book and Julie Parke

Karen Perri

John L. Rausch

Pushpa Savla

Lisa Schaffner and Tyrone Ashman’s wedding

Sara Siqueiros and Family

David Skalski

Some Assembly Required Readers

Elizabeth Thomas

Eric J. Titus

John Tuzak

Hume-Lee Transplant Center, VCU

Donna Walker

Chelsea Whittaker

Erica P. Woodcome

Elijah Yeager

Joe Zajac

Associations, companies, and foundations




Massey Foundation

NORA (Nationwide Organ Recovery Transport Alliance)


Titmus Foundation, Inc.

Trinity Medical Solutions, A Blade Urban Air Mobility Company


All Call Nursing

American Board for Transplant Certification (ABTC)

American Society of Transplantation (AST)

Baystate Health

BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy

Bridge to Life

Buckeye Transplant Services

Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE)

Cigna LifeSource Transplant Network

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

CompuMed, Inc.

COTA (Children’s Organ Transplant Association)

Crossroads Art Center

Discovery Healthcare Consulting Group

Donate Life America

Donor Alliance, Inc.

Donor Network West

ECL2 Quality Solutions

eHealth Technologies

Emerging Therapy Solutions

Extract Systems, LLC

Facilty Logix

Gift of Life Donor Program

Grand Aire, Inc.

Guidry & East, LLC

HIMSS Virginia Chapter


Houston Methodist Hospital

Iowa Donor Network

Kentucky Organ Donor Affiliates


LifeCenter Organ Donor Network


Lifeline of Ohio

LifeLink of Florida

LifeLink of Georgia

LifeLink of Puerto Rico

LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma

Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford

M&H Schwartz Family Foundation

Mayo Clinic

MedSleuth, Inc.

Mid-America Transplant

Mid-South Transplant Foundation

Morton G. and Nancy P. Thalhimer Foundation

NLDAC (National Living Donor Assistance Center)


NYU Langone Health

Organ Recovery Systems

ParaFlight EMS

Pinnacle Health System at Harrisburg Hospital

Richmond Primoid, Inc.

Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR)

Society for Transplant Social Workers (STSW)

Spectrum Health

St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center



The Alliance (Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance)

The Living Bank

The Living Legacy Foundation of Maryland

The Ohio State University Medical Center

Titmus Foundation, Inc.

Transplant Connect

Transplant Coordinators of America (TCOA)

Transplant Management Group, LLC

Transplant Solutions, LLC

Transplant Transportation Services, Inc.

UCSF at Mission Bay

UCSF Medical Center

United Healthcare of California

University Hospital Liver Transplant

University of Utah Health

Whitley/Service Roofing & Sheet Metal Company


* Dollars raised, including pledged gifts.

List reflects outright gifts or pledges made between October 1, 2020 and September 30, 2021.

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