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Every day United Network for Organ Sharing is contacted by people all across the country – people just like you – who want to educate others about UNOS, organ donation and transplantation. The UNOS Ambassador program provides tools, tips, and resources to help you spread awareness of United Network for Organ Sharing’s lifesaving mission in your community.

Anyone can be a UNOS Ambassador. Whether you are a registered organ donor, transplant recipient, donor family member or you know someone who has received a lifesaving transplant, your passion about organ transplantation and commitment to sharing your experience is the foundation of being a UNOS Ambassador.

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Woody, living donor
Woody, living donor
UNOS begins with you.

What does a UNOS Ambassador do?

There are endless ways you can generate awareness about UNOS, organ donation and transplantation:

Every UNOS Ambassador receives a kit that includes items–both print and video–that you can use to educate your community about UNOS, organ transplantation, and donation. The kit includes:

  • An overview of the UNOS Ambassador Program
  • Resources about UNOS’ role in matching organs nationwide, transplantation history, waiting list data and more
  • A 12-minute DVD that conversationally explains what UNOS does, how organs are matched and how lives are changed by organ transplantation
  • A poster, UNOS lapel pin, luggage tag and writing pens

UNOS Ambassadors will also receive a monthly e-newsletter with information and resources to help you spread awareness of how organ transplantation saves lives.

Stay up to date on the latest UNOS news on social media by liking the UNOS Facebook page and following us on Twitter and Instagram. Also, communicate with other UNOS Ambassadors and share what you’ve been doing to raise awareness for UNOS, organ donation, and transplantation by joining our private UNOS Ambassadors Facebook Group.

Amanda Varnes, double lung recipient
Amanda, double lung recipient
Share your experience and educate others.
Become a UNOS Ambassador

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