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Vessel Container Labels Required by Policy as of February 1, 2012

Vessel Container Labels Required by Policy as of February 1, 2012

A policy change approved at the November 2011 OPTN/UNOS Board of Directors meeting will require that all rigid containers holding vessels be labeled. This policy change, effective February 1, 2012, requires that the vessel container itself be labeled in addition to the required vessel label placed outside of the triple sterile barrier.

We have provided PDF versions of the labels in 2×5 inch and 2×4 inch formats.* These templates are designed so that you or your vendor can print them on adhesive labels and sterilize them. OPOs and transplant centers must have a process in place to get the sterilized labels ready for the procurement team to apply them to the rigid vessel container.

If your OPO uses a specific vendor to create sterile procurement OR packs for the recovery and packaging and labeling process, you need to make sure they include this additional vessel label in their sterile packs. If your vendor requires additional time to make this transition, the following two vendors may be available to assist you in producing the labels.

Elaine Wanat-Powers
Medline Sales Representative
800-323-1368 ext. 1726 vm1726
Fax: 866-605-5777
[email protected]

Romola Lopez
Sales Support
Viscot Medical
800-221-0658 ext, 8183
Fax: 973-887-3961
[email protected]

Feel free to use them until your current vendor has incorporated the new label in their process.

Access a recording of a live webcast training demonstration on “Packaging and Labeling of Organs, Vessels and Tissue Typing Materials for Living and Deceased Donors.”

* Find up-to-date vessel resources on the patient safety page.

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