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UNOS recruiting members for new OPTN VCA committee

UNOS recruiting members for new OPTN VCA committee

In a Federal Register Notice published July 3, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced that vascular composite allografts (VCAs) will be added to the definition of organs covered by federal regulation (the OPTN Final Rule) and legislation (the National Organ Transplant Act).  This designation is effective July 3, 2014. At that point, in addition to overseeing solid organ transplants, UNOS, as the OPTN contractor, will oversee all face and hand transplants as well and will be responsible for developing all relevant policies and bylaws and ensuring that members comply.

Since we develop policy at the committee level, we are currently recruiting experts to staff a new VCA committee. Among other things, these individuals will determine requirements for transplant program designation, data submission, and how VCA programs will comply with applicable OPTN policies and bylaws.

Although we are still finalizing the specifics regarding the number and type of members we need, if you possess the background, knowledge, expertise and interest to serve on this type of committee or if you know someone who would be a good fit, please contact your regional administrator. UNOS staff will review and consider all interested committee member applicants and we hope to have a fully staffed committee ready to begin work by late summer.

Who to call for your region

Clifton E. McClenney, M.S.M.
Asst. Dir., Regional Admin. (804) 782-4742

REGIONS 1, 4, 9
Shannon Edwards
(804) 782-4759

REGIONS 2, 6, 8
Betsy L. Gans, CPTC
(804) 782-4814

REGIONS 5, 7, 10
Chrystal E. Graybill
(804) 782-4631

View the federal register notice.

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