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Upcoming UNet Enhancements with You in Mind

Upcoming UNet Enhancements with You in Mind

While UNOS staff are continuously updating UNetSM to accommodate policy and system changes, we are also working diligently on a number of enhancements designed to make UNet more efficient and easier to use. You will see many of these enhancements before the end of 2015.

UNet homepage refresh
On December 16, when you log on to UNet, you’ll notice a new look that is consistent with the new UNOS visual brand. You’ll also notice several enhancements designed to improve your experience, including:

  • Better organization of your most commonly used applications (DonorNet®, TIEDI®, WaitlistSM, KPD) making them easier to find
  • Increased spacing and larger fonts for greater readability
  • Increased prevalence of critical data reminders
  • A new “My” area that includes personalized system notifications, downloads and reports
  • A new approach for accessing internal UNOS services like the UNOS service portal, Sharepoint (committee info), data dashboards, etc.

Accessing UNet with multiple browsers
We’ve heard your requests and are working hard to make your UNet experience better by giving you the option of using additional browsers. In early 2016, you will be able to access Waitlist on IE 10 & 11, Chrome and Safari browsers.

We will also be adding cross-browser functionality to DonorNet, TIEDI and KPD applications in 2016.

Improving data quality

Candidate information like social security numbers (SSN) and date of birth (DOB) is critical to UNOS’ data processes. We use external data sources to help us analyze our data and perform predictive analyses. Incorrect SSNs and DOBs make data verification like this more time consuming and inefficient.

UNOS staff identified 12,693 potential discrepancies involving SSNs and DOBs over a five-year period, which resulted in 778 requests from OPOs and transplant centers for corrections. That translated into 6,900 changes by UNOS staff (an average of 26 corrections a week).

On Nov. 4, 2015, we made a change to the way you add a candidate to Waitlist. When you enter the SSN and DOB for any new candidates, you will be asked to repeat this information and confirm it before you can complete the record. This will greatly reduce the number of simple transcription errors that could have a negative effect on your candidate’s allocation order. It will also reduce staff time spent identifying and correcting these errors, so we can better serve you and ensure cleaner data across centers.

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