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UNOS unveils new logo and launches new online store

UNOS unveils new logo and launches new online store

To coincide with National Donate Life Month, today UNOS unveiled its new logo. The new logo is part of our refreshed brand effort, which positions us as the largest transplant network in the world with membership comprised of nearly 400 transplant hospitals and organ procurement organizations.

UNOS’ brand promise

Our brand promise is to save lives through:

  • matching patients with transplant organs; and
  • helping ensure the national transplant system is equitable, safe and efficient.

UNOS’ brand personality

Members tell us our brand personality encompasses the following characteristics:

  • lifesaving
  • knowledgeable
  • collaborative
  • friendly
  • passionate
  • dependable

These characteristics come across in the way people experience UNOS.

New online store

When you visit the UNOS websites, the most immediate change you will notice, in addition to the new logo, is a change to the UNOS store. The primary difference is single-stop shopping for all patient and professional resources. Whether you need policy brochures, patient materials or a UNOS hoodie, you will be able to order them all from one spot. And although you may continue to receive from 1-3 copies of any item free of charge, we will start charging additional fees for larger shipments of orders. Visit the UNOS store at

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