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Specific changes to KPD within the UNet application

Specific changes to KPD within the UNet application

As of January 30, 2014, KPD programs have the ability to manage bridge donors.

The following specific changes were made to various donor and candidate tabs within the UNet application:

New Menu Option

The horizontal menu bar contains a new option, Manage Data, along with additional sub-menu options to Manage Donor Pre-Screens and Manage Bridge Donors.

Transplant Center Dashboard

The number of pending bridge donors and the link to the Manage Bridge Donors page are displayed on the Transplant Center Dashboard.

New Manage Bridge Donor Page

This page lists pending bridge donors and allows you to access the donor records to review and update.

Bridge Donor Functionality Details

A pending bridge donor is an exchange ending donor who has met the requirements to be a bridge donor and who is still available to donate.
If the candidate’s paired donor at the end of a chain meets the bridge donor criteria, then this donor will be a bridge donor in future match runs.
A new Bridge Donor section was added to the Exchange Ending Donor Match Results page.

Bridge Donor Status Options

One of the following statuses is required and must be selected in order to save the bridge donor record:

  • Pending bridge donor
  • Donating to Waitlist
  • Declined to donate

Email Notification Enhancements

Enhancements were made with this release to provide notification emails when match results are published.

  • We will notify KPD center contacts whose non-directed donor (NDD) started the chain that the exchange-ending donor is willing to become a bridge donor.
  • We will send an email to any centers involved to let them know when more than one potential exchange-ending donor exists.

A separate enhancement was made to notify centers that no longer have a pair in the exchange as the result of a repair.

Please contact the UNet Help Desk with any questions at (800) 978-4334 or [email protected].

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