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Patient Safety Alert: Hospira recall of irrigation/drainage sets

Patient Safety Alert: Hospira recall of irrigation/drainage sets

UNOS was alerted through our Patient Safety Portal that specific lots of products manufactured by Hospira Inc. are subject to a voluntary recall issued March 28, 2014.  The products are commonly used for bladder irrigation and urinary drainage, but they can also be used for perfusion and/or flushing during organ recovery. The sets listed may not have been completely sealed during the manufacturing process and thus may be at risk of compromised sterility.

At least two distributors have provided these products to OPTN/UNOS member institutions.  Hospira, the manufacturer, recommends that you immediately quarantine any product from the affected lots.  You may return the affected product(s) in return for credit.

Recommended Actions

  • Read the complete recall notice from Hospira and review instructions for return of any affected lots.
  • Do not use any product from the specific lots listed in the notice.
  • Contact Hospira Customer Care at 1-877-946-7747 or your Hospira representative if you have any questions.


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