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OPTN members will now receive site survey information by secure email

OPTN members will now receive site survey information by secure email

Beginning this month, UNOS is changing the way it distributes information to transplant centers, OPOs and labs related to routine site survey visits. Site surveyors will now send patient medical records and other pre-survey information to the primary program administrator using secure email. In the past, we mailed several copies of this information to various program contacts.

UNOS Survey Services Manager Cynthia Coleman says this move will “mitigate the risk of sending PHI”

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as well as to improve efficiency and reduce the administrative burden of managing several copies of patient records. The program administrator can then (securely) forward the information to appropriate colleagues.

“We have been doing this for over a year for MPSC resolution letters,” Coleman said, adding that members also currently send corrective action plans and other communications to UNOS through secure email.

Routine site surveys occur every three years. To start the process, the lead site surveyor contacts the primary administrator by phone and/or email to discuss and schedule the upcoming survey. Once initial contact is made, the site surveyor will send a secure email. Then after the visit, survey reports will also be sent electronically.

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