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OPOs will soon be required to submit PDTR form electronically

OPOs will soon be required to submit PDTR form electronically


OPO staff that report safety events using UNet’s Patient Safety Portal

Implementation date: June 1, 2017


Currently, when reporting a disease transmission event using the Patient Safety Portal, you must email or fax a PDTR form or attach it to your report. The form itself is not changing, but on June 1, the way you submit it is.

On June 1, OPOs will be able to follow a link in the UNOS disease transmission event notification email that will allow you to enter the PDTR online, which is still required within 24 hours of event notification. Once the change is in place, OPOs must submit their PDTR online using the link provided in their event notification email. They must also provide the disease transmission event ID and the Donor ID of the donor involved in the event in order to access the online PDTR form. You can find both the transmission event ID and the donor ID in the event notification acknowledgement email.

We will work with several OPOs to pilot-test the system in May. We will gather feedback to improve the system.

If you have any questions, contact UNOS Customer Services at (800) 978-4334 or [email protected]

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