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OPOs and UNOS collaborate on two new DonorNet enhancements

OPOs and UNOS collaborate on two new DonorNet enhancements

OPO staff

At a Glance
Two new DonorNet® enhancements implemented on November 9, 2016, result from a unique collaboration of OPO and UNOS IT staff at the AOPO 2016 Joint Quality Improvement, Information Technology and Education and Training Councils Meeting, October 17-19, in Kansas City, Mo.

Change Details
DonorNet users identified improvements that they said would make it faster and easier for them to work on match offers, when saving time might help save a life. Two of those ideas are available now.

  • Transplant hospital on-call contact phone numbers now appears on Candidate section of the DonorNet Match Results page. OPO staff will no longer need to search elsewhere for contact information when making organ offers.
  • A new search utility allows users to identify donor IDs by OPO. The search feature can be located under the Donor menu, Search Donor OPO.

Over the three-day AOPO meeting, OPO and UNOS teams reviewed DonorNet and discussed how the application could be improved. UNOS developers created and demonstrated enhancements, asked DonorNet users for more feedback, and adjusted accordingly.

Based on the ideas generated at the AOPO meeting, we plan to make several more UNetSM system changes in the coming months. A similar event is planned for February, and participants agreed that they will look for opportunities to work together in the future.

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