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OMB transplant form updates 2018

OMB transplant form updates 2018

Effective February 28, certain TIEDI® forms will be updated following review and approval from the federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB). Here are answers to a few common questions system users may have. For other specific questions, contact UNOS Customer Service (UNetSM Help Desk) at 1-800-978-4334.

1. What TIEDI® forms are changing on February 28, 2018?

  • TCR: kidney/pancreas and pancreas, adult and pediatric
  • TRR: all organs, adult and pediatric
  • TRF, 6 months – 5 year: kidney/pancreas and pancreas adult and pediatric, heart/lung and lung pediatric
  • DDR: serology section

This helpful PDF resource contains specific information about the TIEDI® fields that will change.

2. Will form submission processes or policies change at all?
The form submission process will not change and all of the current data submission policies will still be in effect and unchanged.
There will be a policy going into effect on February 28, 2018: Definition of Pancreas Graft Failure. Any partial functioning pancreas graft status will be converted to functioning on implementation day.

According to the new definition in policy, pancreas graft failure occurs when any of the following occurs:

  • A recipient’s transplanted pancreas is removed
  • A recipient re-registers for a pancreas
  • A recipient registers for an islet transplant after receiving a pancreas transplant
  • A recipient’s total insulin use is greater than or equal to 0.5 units/kg/day for a consecutive 90 days
  • A recipient dies

You will see new fields on the TCR, TRR and TRF that will enable you to submit data to support this definition.

3. How will this affect existing forms in the system?
On February 28, 2018, all expected TIEDI® forms will include the changes. The validation errors will direct you to the new fields to complete.

4. Will we get an extension or grace period on the due date to submit TIEDI® forms?
No. We encourage you to validate your institution’s expected forms prior to February 28 when possible.

5. Our center enters data for many patients and we are worried about missing the due date on the forms because we do not have information about what the new required fields are. What should we do?
We encourage those who enter data in TIEDI® to validate as many forms as they can with the existing fields.

Additional Resources

View the most recently updated data collection forms.

Online help documentation covering UNet functionality is available. To navigate to the information related to TIEDI®, access Secure Enterprise and then click TIEDI®. On the Help menu, click Online Help. You may search for a specific help topic or use the help documentation table of contents to assist with your search.

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