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New policy change will benefit sensitized transplant candidates

New policy change will benefit sensitized transplant candidates

Important news for kidney and pancreas programs, OPOs and HLA laboratories

Currently HLA-C is not one of the unacceptable antigens included in a candidate’s CPRA calculation, but starting Thursday, December 5, it will be.

The HLA and ethnic frequencies used to calculate CPRA are being updated to better reflect the deceased donor pool.  This update means that all sensitized kidney, kidney-pancreas and pancreas candidates (those with unacceptable antigens listed on the waiting list) will benefit from having a more accurate CPRA score. Candidates sensitized to HLA-C will especially benefit, as frequencies for HLA-C will now also be used in CPRA calculation. On November 28, 2013, almost 12,000 kidney, kidney-pancreas and pancreas registrations had HLA-C listed as an unacceptable antigen.

HLA Frequencies Update Details

The HLA and ethnic frequencies used to calculate CPRA have been updated to ensure that the CPRA better reflects the probability of an incompatible match within the current donor pool.

View the new HLA and ethnic frequencies that were updated on December 5. Please contact [email protected] if you would like to receive an Excel spreadsheet of the new frequencies.  This presentation explains the changes that are taking place.

Addition of HLA-C to the CPRA Details

HLA -C will be added to the current CPRA calculation. Adding HLA-C to the CPRA value will ensure that candidates who are sensitized to HLA-C will be considered for allocation priority similar to those candidates who are currently sensitized to HLA-A, -B, -DR and –DQ antigens.

HLA-C will also be added to the CPRA calculation within the Waitlist and OPTN CPRA Calculators.

Your interaction with UNet will not change once these changes are implemented. CPRA values for all Waitlist and KPD candidates will update automatically after December 5.

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