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New living donor organ labels now available

New living donor organ labels now available

Beginning February 1, 2012, living donor transplant programs will be required by policy to use new living donor labels when they package and ship living donor organs.  You may order these labels now from the UNOS Online store.

The new living donor organ labels are similar to the color-coded, organ-specific deceased donor organ labels already in use.

The major difference between the existing labels and the new living donor organ labels is that the new labels require information for a primary and secondary contact person at the donor recovery center. If the donor recovery center contracts with its OPO for the packaging, labeling and transport of its living donor organs, then information for a primary contact at the OPO is required.

The new living donor organ labels are intended to increase the safety of living donor organs that are packaged and transported outside the recovery center—both for the organ donor and the anticipated recipient

UNOS sponsored a webinar on January 11 that demonstrated the correct packaging and labeling of organs. If you missed the webinar, you will be able to access a recording soon.

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