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Many OPTN/UNOS committees are seeking regional representatives

Many OPTN/UNOS committees are seeking regional representatives

Did you know that nearly every OPTN/UNOS committee includes one regional representative from all 11 OPTN/UNOS regions?

These regional representatives help to ensure that the situations and needs of various parts of the country are taken into account when transplant policy is being considered.

As a regional representative, you would serve as a liaison between the committee and the region. You would be expected to attend all the committee’s meetings to represent your region during deliberations. You would also be asked to attend the twice yearly regional meetings where you would present your committee’s ongoing activities as well as its public comment proposals.

UNOS covers expenses for committee members to attend meetings; it doesn’t, though, cover travel expenses to attend regional meetings.

See which committees currently have openings for regional representatives. If you are interested in serving as a regional representative on an OPTN/UNOS committee, or you know someone who would be a good fit, please contact your regional administrator. They will provide you with the official nomination form and the biography form.

Don’t know how to contact your UNOS regional administrator? Find their contact information here.

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