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Kidney paired donation program changes now in effect

Kidney paired donation program changes now in effect

UNOS Proudly acknowledges the following sponsors for their generous support for this projectNew Kidney Paired Donation (KPD) policy and revised guidelines go into effect on Feb 1, 2013. Watch for UNOS system notices to be sent out in the coming weeks with more information. Educational opportunities to explain the new policies are planned for Spring 2013.

For transplant centers participating in the program, a new phase of the KPD automated system goes live on Jan. 31, to help with donor pre-screening. When logging onto the KPD system in UNet, transplant centers will have access to a new KPD dashboard that will allow users to preview potential donors for specific candidates, and either pre-accept or pre-refuse those donors for future match runs. The dashboard will include candidate and donor eligibility links that show specific search results for centers. The new donor pre-screening link shows the number of candidates at centers who have at least one donor who needs pre-screening.

This functionality will increase the efficiency of the KPD program by decreasing the number of match offers declined. KPD system training sessions are planned for Jan. 29 and 31 to introduce the new features and functionality. Learn more and register now.

Visit the KPD booth at the ASTS/NATCO Winter Symposium, Feb 1 & 2 in Miami, Florida where you can view a demo of the KPD database and ask questions about the program.

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