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Kidney Paired Donation Pilot Program Announces Enhancements

Kidney Paired Donation Pilot Program Announces Enhancements

Eligibility status added to donor and candidate record

The following UNet system upgrades were put into place on May 24 to determine match run eligibility of donors and candidates.

  • Candidate and donor eligibility: users can now search for eligibility status on the KPD search page, and eligibility status now appears in the header information on each page of candidate and donor records.
  • Reasons for ineligibility: if the candidate or donor is ineligible to be included in the next match run, the user can view and print a list of ineligible reasons.
  • Donor information: when a donor is paired with a candidate, donor KPD eligibility will display in that candidate’s record.

Match run frequency increased to twice a month

The goal of the OPTN Kidney Paired Donation Pilot Program (KPDPP) is to increase the number of transplants for candidates who have a willing but incompatible living donor. One way to do this is to increase the number of match runs to more than one a month, which was recently requested by the KPDPP work group and many of the 118 participating transplant centers.

A change to the method of assigning waiting time points is necessary to ensure KPD waiting time accrual remains consistent across candidates. As of June 13, 2012, candidates will be assigned 0.07 points per day (about two points every 30 days), as opposed to the current system of two points per match run. KPD waiting time begins when a candidate is added to the system and accrues when a candidate is active or inactive. The KPDPP operational guidelines section on “prioritization points” will be revised accordingly.

Contact KPD Program Manager Ruthanne Hanto with questions at [email protected].

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