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The importance of managing critically ill or dying patients

The importance of managing critically ill or dying patients

Training video for EMTs, intensivists, others involved in the donation process

A concise and informative online training video—designed especially to reach important but frequently forgotten partners in the donation process—now is available.

Developed by the Organ Donation and Transplantation Alliance (ODTA) in cooperation with HRSA, the video explains how full clinical management of critically ill or dying patients can preserve their ability—and honor their wish—to become a donor.

Without that level of clinical management—provided by, for example, EMTs and emergency staff—a potential donor’s ability to donate can too easily be compromised. The new training video introduces those caregivers to donation and the critical role they play in the process.

Saving and Healing Lives through Organ and Tissue Donation: Continuing Our Healthcare Mission” (31 min.), offers CME and CEU credits and is available free of charge, on the ODTA website.

For questions on the CMEs/CEUs, email Roxane Cauwels at [email protected]. For other questions, email Kathy Thomas at [email protected].

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